The Experience You Deserve

Upstate Roofs was created to serve the homeowners and business owners of the upstate. With over 50 years of combined roofing, insurance, and inspection experience we knew there was a void to be filled in the roofing market. 

What makes us different? For starters, we offer an opportunity to extend the life of your roof another 5, 10, and even 15 years WITHOUT replacing the roof! No other roofer does that.

In addition, we take a lifetime value approach to your roofing needs. Sometimes the roof can be revived, sometimes a repair is all that's needed, and when a replacement is in order, our team handles everything including dealing with the insurance company. 

If you are filing a claim for your roof repair or replacement, our claim evaluation team works to make sure you get everything you deserve for your claim, not just what the adjuster offers on the first inspection. Typically you will receive about 27% more for your claim than the initial offer - that is additional materials and labor you are due. 

Chris Sizer - Project and Contract Manager

Roofing contractor, master carpenter, licensed home inspector. Basically, this is the guy you want going on your roof!  

Chris Bennett - Business Development Director

Makes sure every customer, vendor, referral partner, and any other person we work with gets treated with excellence.  

Will Welborn - Marketing Director

Keeps each potential and current customer engaged in the usually confusing, but now simple, process of getting a new roof.  

Let's get started.